T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile's follow up to the G1, the T-Mobile G2 features a QWERTY keyboard, 4G capability, an 8GB memory card, Swype texting, and HD video capability.

Alternate Names: 
HTC Vision
Device Type: 
6.35 ounces
4.69 x 2.38 x 0.56 inches
Data Speed (max): 
HSPA+ (14.4 Mbps download, 5.76 Mbps upload)
Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 7230 (800 MHz)
Adreno 205
OS Version: 
Andorid (2.2)
802.11 b/g/n
Internal Memory: 
Website Reviews: 

"The G2 is not just an awesome Android phone, it's an awesome phone, period. It's clear that HTC has taken its years of experience with devices in this form factor and applied that knowledge to this device. From a hardware perspective, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more attractive, elegant, or capable landscape QWERTY phone, and as far as software is concerned, T-Mobile seems to be doing its best to offer Android in an untainted form. Yes, there is a little bit of bloatware here, and yes, there seems to be something amiss with the G2's potential for hacking, but as a standalone Android device in a world of iPhone 4s and EVOs, it's packing some serious heat."

Engadget, October 2010

"Some minor issues aside, the T-Mobile G2 is one of the carrier's top Android smartphones, offering an excellent QWERTY keyboard, speed, and plenty of features."

CNET, October 2010

"In the end, everything that's good about the G2 outweighs the bad, especially if you're not planning on diving into the code yourself. If you've got a broken down G1 waiting to be replaced, or just want a clean Android experience, this is still probably your phone."

Gizmodo, October 2010

"The G1's replacement, the G2, is a fantastic handset that continues the legacy of its predecessor, with unique hardware elements like the Z-Hinge and new features like HSPA+ and WiFi Calling. But with dual-core handsets being released, is it worth skipping the G2 and waiting for a better device on T-Mobile? Maybe so, if you don't mind waiting several months for a dual-core qwerty Android, but the G2 will still be a great device even then."

Android Guy, October 2010

Display Resolution: 
480 x 800 pixels
External Memory: 
8 GB SD card, expandable to 32 GB
Display Size: 
3.7 inches
Display Type: 
TFT capacitive touchscreen
Display Colors: 
Battery Type: 
Li-Ion (1300 mAh)
Battery Life: 
6.50 hours
Battery Standby: 
430 hours
Rear Camera Megapixels: 
HD Video: 
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