Samsung Moment

Released on November 1, 2009, the Samsung Moment is the second Android phone to be offered on the Sprint network. The device shipped with Android version 1.5 and features the first AMOLED touch screen on an Android phone in the US. Moment is expected to get an Android 2.1 update in the first half of 2010. The phone has a large QWERTY keyboard and goes for a subsidized price of $179.99 after rebates.

Device Type: 
5.67 oz (161 g)
4.6" x 2.34" x 0.65" (117 x 59 x 16.5 mm)
CDMA 850 / CDMA 1900
Data Speed (max): 
EV-DO Rev. A
800 MHz
OS Version: 
Android 1.5
Internal Memory: 
235 MB (expandable via microSD slot)
Website Reviews: 

"In the end the Moment left us wanting more. On paper it is a beast: 800MHz processor, AMOLED display, full QWERTY keyboard. In the flesh it doesn’t live up to the hype though, largely because of the poor keyboard. The stock build of Android doesn’t help either."

PhoneArena, November 2009

"The Moment still feels like a first-generation device -- and for a platform that launched commercially a solid year ago, that's not really acceptable. We would've liked to have seen Samsung come to the table with a phone that was sleeker, prettier, more thought-out, and -- if nothing else -- ran the latest and greatest version of Android that Google and the OHA have to offer."

Engadget, October 2009

"With its full keyboard and bright display, the Samsung Moment successfully rounds out Sprint's Android offerings."

CNET, October 2009

"Despite the extra clock speed, a turbocharged Android this is not. Some parts of the experience are smoother—transitions between apps stutter less, and less often, for instance—and it boots faster than any other Android phone I've used, but there's no serious extra pep in the OS."

Gizmodo, October 2009

"The controls are easy to use, the manufacturing is solid, and the keyboard provides excellent travel and feedback. On the downside, the Moment is large and heavy."

Phone Scoop, October 2009

Display Resolution: 
HVGA 320 x 480 pixels
Display Size: 
Display Type: 
Active-matrix OLED
Display Colors: 
16.7 million
Total votes: 104