Motorola Flipside

The Motorola Flipside smartphone features a TI OMAP 3410 720MHz processor with the Android 2.1 operating system, QWERTY keyboard, 3.1 inch capacitive touchscreen display, Blur social networking software, 3.5mm audio jack, WiFi, memory card slot, compass, and noise cancellation.

Device Type: 
5.11 inches
4.31 x 2.26 x 0.59 inches
WCDMA 850/1900, GSM 850/900/1800/1900
TI OMAP 3410 720MHz
USB 2.0
OS Version: 
Android (2.1)
802.11 b/g
Internal Memory: 
2 GB microSD
Website Reviews: 

"Despite its uninspired look and feel, the Motorola Flipside has a well-rounded feature set that balances a socializing agenda with corporate e-mail. That is, if you can look past the troublesome call quality."

CNET, December, 2010

"Instead of falling back with some kind of intriguing mechanism in exposing its QWERTY, this mid-range handset is looking to be like any other cookie cutter handset in its category. However, its $99.99 on-contract price might assuage the feelings of regret with its purchase as it attempts to establish a well rounded performance."

Phone Arena, December, 2010

"As with many other mid-level devices, if you’re new to Android and don’t consider yourself a power user you may not notice any shortcomings. Unfortunately, in reality the unpredictable and generally below-average battery life leaves a very visible mark on the Flipside’s reputation. Combine this with a slow processor; common hiccups and other slowdowns, you will likely find yourself unnecessarily frustrated."

Pocket Now, December, 2010

"The Motorola Flipside has a good QWERTY keyboard, but it needs better battery life and a newer version of the Android OS to be a leader."

PC Mag, December, 2010

External Memory: 
microSD up to 32 GB
Display Resolution: 
320 x 480 pixels
Display Size: 
3.1 inches
Display Type: 
HVGA touchscreen
Battery Type: 
Li-Ion (1540 mAh)
Battery Life: 
7.3 hours - 3G 5.25 hours
Battery Standby: 
288 hours (18 days)
Rear Camera Megapixels: 
Total votes: 63