Kyocera Echo

The Kyocera Echo comes with two 3.5-inch screens which allows you to use two apps at once. Other features include 5MP camera, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Alternate Names: 
Kyocera M9300
Device Type: 
6.80 ounces
4.53 x 2.22 x 0.68 inches
Single core, Snapdragon (1000 MHz)
microUSB (2.0)
OS Version: 
Android (2.2)
802.11 b/g/n
Website Reviews: 

"Is the Echo for everyone? Certainly not. But then again, neither is the expansive Thunderbolt, the larger-than-life Streak or the close-minded iPhone 4. What the Echo delivers is an entirely new approach to Android, and somehow, Kyocera has managed to add a second screen to the experience without flubbing the execution. The phone was as zippy as any Android phone in recent memory, and we never once felt that it was struggling to calculate for double the displays. The screens themselves were sharp and lovely to peer at, and thanks to the Tablet Mode Extension app, even everyday titles like TweetDeck and Facebook were given new life."

Engadget, April 2011

"The Kyocera Echo's design entails some usability quirks and we're concerned about long-term durability. The feature set is pretty average, it lacks 4G, and you'll have to wait for an upgrade beyond Froyo. Its design offers some unique advantages, but its appeal is hampered by usability quirks and a lackluster feature set."

CNET, April 2011

"I’ve really liked using the Kyocera Echo on and off for around a week. The concept really is innovative and it definitely pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on your mobile phone. Just as many people like to have two displays on their computer set ups, having two screens on a mobile device really can change your workflow and allow you to interact with apps and information in a brand new way. With that said, while the Kyocera Echo is the first device in what Kyocera says will be a lineup of devices featuring dual-display configurations, and I’m not sure this first try quite hits the mark. It’s thick and heavy, and without a more extensive suite of custom apps and developer support, I just can’t see enough of an advantage over going with a device like the Google Nexus S 4G or the upcoming HTC EVO 3D. The concept seems bigger than the execution, for now, but I really hope the Echo gains enough traction to warrant more refined models and significant support from the developer community. If Kyocera can pull that off, the results really could be awesome."

BGR, April 2011

Display Resolution: 
480 x 800 pixels
Display Size: 
3.50 inches
Display Type: 
Battery Life: 
7.00 hours talk time
Rear Camera Megapixels: 
HD Video: 
Total votes: 55