HTC Droid Eris

The HTC Droid Eris is essentially a modified version of the HTC Hero and was released on November 6, 2009. Also known as the second Android phone on the Verizon Wireless network, the Droid Eris offers a slimmer design and does not have a slide-out physical keyboard. A subsidized price of $99 set a record as the least expensive Android phone to hit the market.

Device Type: 
4.43 oz (126 g)
4.45" x 2.19" x 0.52" (113 x 55 x 13.2 mm)
CDMA 850 / CDMA 1900
Data Speed (max): 
2.4 mpbs 1xEV-DO rA
528 MHz MSM7600
OS Version: 
Android 1.5
Internal Memory: 
147MB (expandable)
Website Reviews: 

"Though its performance wasn't completely top-notch and we would prefer a more recent Android OS version, the HTC Droid Eris is a satisfying Android device that offers a nice contrast to the Motorola Droid. And you can't beat the price."

CNET, November 2009

"If you can live without a hardware keyboard, the HTC Droid Eris is an affordable and feature-packed alternative to the Motorola Droid."

PC World, November 2009

"Verizon took its sweet time jumping into the Android marketplace, but the carrier has quickly jumped into the fore of Andoid phone suppliers. Eris is an excellent and inexpensive Introduction to Android for its subscribers looking for an iPhone alternative. While its short battery life is annoying, Eris is an outstanding phone in every other way."

Digital Trends, November 2009

"I've reviewed the Droid Eris twice before, when it was called the Hero. The difference is that Verizon's selling it for half the price, making it the cheapest Android phone you can buy—and the best, for the money. The fact that Android 2.0—half the reason the Droid is excellent—is coming to the Droid Eris is why, in the end, it's such a steal."

Gizmodo, November 2009

"In ease of use, multimedia features and the deep [application] library, the HTC Droid Eris, like all Android phones, falls flat. Still, the Droid Eris isn't just effective, it's delightful, and though new smartphone buyers might be intimidated by the complex system, time spent learning the ins and outs of the device will be rewarded handsomely."

infoSync, November 2009

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320 x 480 pixels
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