Where is the Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit App for Android?

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 11:34 -- Sammy Snyder

Grand Theft Auto 5 is now officially available for the PlaySation 3 and Xbox 360, but where is the Android version of the companion app that Rockstar Games has been advertising? The "iFruit" app launched for iOS devices one day before the game's release, but once again Android and Windows users have been left out in the cold.

iFruit for AndroidiFruit allows users to build custom vehicles, stay updated on the latest GTA news, and take care of Franklin's dog Chop. Walking, feeding and playing with Chop through the app determines his mood within the console version of the game. Users can also earn credits to buy additional gear, and stay connected with friends through the Facebook parody LifeInvader. So it is a useful app that Android users will need to fully enjoy the game.

Rockstar did promise iFruit is coming to both Android and Window devices soon, however the developers did not give a specific release date. They also didn't mention why the app launched on Apple's App Store first, and why it is taking so long for it to land on other platforms.