Rooted Nook Touch Runs Android Apps

Sat, 07/02/2011 - 16:05 -- Fred Straker

The Nook Simple Touch Reader features a six-inch touch screen and two month battery life, and now the e-ink reader can be used to run Android apps! When rooted through a simple process, the latest Nook can be used much like more expensive Android tablets with color screens. The relatively low entry price of $139 makes violating your warranty much less of a risk.

The video above shows Angry Birds running on a Nook touch. Obviously the experience is somewhat lacking when compared to the game running on a Galaxy Tab or iPad, but then again try keeping your battery charged for two months with one of those tablets. The idea is that many Android apps besides just games could find their way onto the Nook touch to make it a more versatile device.

Even more interesting is a hidden web browser that can be accessed without rooting the Nook touch. By simply entering a URL into the search bar the Nook will begin to display web pages. Barnes & Noble did not mention the feature because it appears to need some work, but in a pinch it could prove useful for viewing most simple content. It's possible that future iterations of the Nook Simple Touch Reader will include an improved web browser.

In any case, rooting the Nook touch is a simple process that involves copying rooted images onto an SD card. Once the SD card is installed in the Nook and the device is rebooted, the first partition on the internal storage can be replaced with the rooted image. Restarting the Nook with the SD card removed will result in a rooted device. Thanks to Nook Devs for all of their work in developing the process!