A New Way to Root NOOK Color [Dual boot / No hacking]

Wed, 07/20/2011 - 00:44 -- Fred Straker

So you're interested in running great Android apps on your NOOK Color but rooting sounds complicated, and it will violate your warranty. Besides, there's a chance the device could be ruined permanently if something goes wrong. With Nook2Android all of these concerns fall to the wayside. Enter the simple way to root your NOOK risk-free and reversibly.

root NOOK Color dual-boot

Dual-boot means you can run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the Android Market directly from a microSD card when you want a full tablet experience, and NOOK Color default software at other times. Switching operating systems is as simple as rebooting the NOOK Color with or without the memory card installed.

Because Nook2Android never changes the internal memory on your NOOK Color, running the software doesn't affect your warranty coverage. Nook2Android is selling their pre-installed bootable microSD cards in three sizes, 8GB for $34.99, 16GB for $49.99 and 32GB for $89.99. The company stresses that the software is free, users are paying for a high-quality SanDisk memory card and support.

Nook2Android is available now and runs on any NOOK Color hardware. The Cyanogenmod 7 (CM7) version of Android Gingerbread modded for the NOOK Color is pre-installed on each microSD card. To run Android users simply turn off the NOOK Color, install the Nook2Android card and power up. Enter the boot menu to choose an operating system or sit back and watch Android 2.3 load up. It sure beats following all of the steps needed to root the NOOK Touch.