How to Root Your NOOK Touch (Jailbreak Instructions)

Tue, 07/19/2011 - 03:02 -- Fred Straker

If you're interested in running Android apps on the Barnes and Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader you can root the device by following some simple steps. First you'll need equipment, including a computer and of course a NOOK Touch. The USB cable connecting the NOOK to your computer will be used in the process.

root NOOK Color and Touch

You'll also need a Wi-Fi network and a Class 6 microSD card that's 128 MB or larger. This card will be completely wiped so don't use one that stores any files you care about losing. A dedicated SD card adapter or USB card reader is also required to properly write the image. Remember, even if the NOOK Touch can be considered a deal at only $139, rooting the device WILL violate your warranty!

If you are using a Windows computer download and install win32DiskImager before getting started. Follow the instructions below to root your NOOK Touch:

1. Download and unzip noogie.img.gz.
2. Download uRamdisk_rooted.
3. Now you will write the disk image to the microSD card:

- Windows users can run win32DiskImage.exe and select the noogie.img file under Image File. Under Device, choose the device drive letter of your SD card. Click Write.

- Mac users must determine the identifier of the SD card. Navigate to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal to open a console window. Enter the following commands:

diskutil list

Figure out which IDENTIFIER is your microSD card. Let's pretend for illustration purposes this is disk4. Unmount this drive (make sure not to unmount your hard drive!) with the command:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk4

Now write the image. If your username is jim and you downloaded and unzipped noogie.img to your Downloads directory the command would be:

dd if=/Users/jim/Downloads/noogie.img of=/dev/rdisk4 bs=1m

4. The hard part is over. Check to see if there are now 11 files on your microSD card. All of the files in this list are required:


5. Shut down the NOOK Touch. Put the microSD card you just wrote into the NOOK Touch.
6. Plug the NOOK Touch into your computer with the USB cable.
7. Press the power button on the NOOK Touch and wait for the device to finish booting. It will mount 7 partitions of internal storage to your computer.
8. Rename the file you downloaded, uRamdisk_rooted to just uRamdisk and copy it to the NOOK partition labeled 'boot' to overwrite the old file.
9. Unmount all of the partitions. Disconnect the USB cable. Reboot the NOOK Touch by holding the power button.
10. Connect the NOOK Touch to your Wi-Fi network. Make a note of the NOOK Touch IP address.
11. Enter the following commands on the NOOK Touch (replacing IPaddress with the IP address found above):

adb connect IPaddress
adb shell

12. Enjoy running apps on your rooted NOOK Touch. Thanks to Nook Devs for all of their work in developing the process!