Analyst: HTC Thunderbolt Outselling Apple iPhone

Fri, 04/01/2011 - 13:50 -- Chad Shmukler

According to the Boy Genius Report, BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk is offering evidence that the latest and greatest Android smartphone, the HTC Thunderbolt, is outselling the Apple iPhone at Verizon stores. The HTC Thunderbolt has received a considerable amount of attention lately, due to early tests of the 4G LTE smartphone on Verizon's expanding LTE network. Tests have been producing dramatic results, with data transfer speeds reported that are faster than a typical cable modem.

HTC Thunderbolt vs iPhone

Verizon has been promoting the device heavily, though not nearly as heavily as some of its Motorola Droid campaigns of the recent past. Television commercials, print ads and internet advertisements tout the impressive speeds of the HTC Thunderbolt, perhaps attempting to tip the scales of those on the fence between the 4G Thunderbolt and the slower, 3G Apple iPhone.

It is important to note that Piecyk's report is based entirely on anecdotal evidence. There are no sales figures or shipment data on which the BTIG report is based. Instead, the analyst's conclusions are based on a telephone survey in which Piecyk contacted 150 Verizon stores across the US.

During the survey, Verizon store employees were questioned as to which device was currently selling best, the HTC Thunderbolt or the Apple iPhone? The results: 61% of employees indicated the two devices were selling at approximately the same rate, 11% indicated the Apple iPhone was selling more readily, while 28% indicated they were selling more units of the HTC Thunderbolt.

Though anecdotal in nature, the survey should at a minimum provide confidence to interested parties that the HTC Thunderbolt is in the midst of a strong launch on Verizon, regardless of how it is performing against Apple's iPhone.